This site is no longer active. We're leaving it up as a kind of scrapbook of one of our greatest adventures. - The Tartan Eagles.

Photo Gallery

Here are some more photos from the road that didn't make the first cut.

Maxi in the hold of ferry to Holland.

Typical Dutch scene.

John and his Dutch brother from another mother.

Laura & Evert adding some last minute sponsors in Amsterdam.

Our wonderful friends: The Dutch :)

On the road out of Amsterdam for the "official" start of the rally.


First glimpse of our rally organizers (as they flew by at 80 mph).

Entering Scandinavia.

The first of literally hundreds of bridges we crossed.


Death metal clown in Copenhagen.

Outside the Tivoli circus in the center in Copenhagen.

Entering the tunnel-half of the Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

Blasting through the Oresund bridge tunnel under the Baltic Sea.

A Rasta Lunch Buffet (in Sweden). Genius.

Following a fellow rally car through Sweden.

Exploring downtown Oslo, Norway.

Such a warm welcome in Oslo.

Bus full of rally drivers leaving the bar.

Leaving Oslo.

Hello, Norway.

The Storseisundet Bridge (Norway)

In front of the badass bridge on the Atlantic Road.

Rally cars assembled.

Maxi Jazz in front of a bridge he barely traversed.

Welcome to Hell, Norway.

Laura found an album from 2009 Eurovision Winner, Alexander Rybak (from Norway).

Bacon wrapped wiener (Norway).

Laura & John standing on the Arctic Circle (Norway).

Example of a highway in northern Norway.

Bacon Ost. That is all.

Typical fjord landscape.

On a ferry, in a fjord.


Maxi on a ferry.

Headstand in the snow.

Entering Nordkapp, Norway.

The lads from the Isle of Man.

A snog at the top of Europe.

The most northern point of mainland Europe.

The cliffs of Nordkapp.

Maxi taking in the view at Nordkapp.

Wildlife crossing near the Norway/Finland border.

Laura by a fjord.

John by a fjord.

The first Finnish grocery store we saw.

Rally party in Rovaniemi, Finland (1)

Rally party in Rovaniemi, Finland (2)

Night outside the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki.

The Finns spell it the way Scottish people say it.

Great name for a shoe store.

The Helsinki Bear.

Downtown Helsinki.

No dog pee on the boat to Estonia.

Damn truth-in-labeling laws.

Tourist info booth in Tallinn.

Glitoris Ride

Such a sweet ride.

The Inappropriate Station Wagon.