This site is no longer active. We're leaving it up as a kind of scrapbook of one of our greatest adventures. - The Tartan Eagles.


Team Sponsors

While Laura & John will actually be piloting the car to Estonia, the Tartan Eagles team would be nothing without its sponsors. Whether it be through monetary donation, helping us get a car, or putting us up for the night along the route – these are the people who are making this challenge possible.

View the sponsor decals

  • Alienation Digital
  • Glasgow Capoeira
  • Margaret & John Fitzpatrick
  • Dan & Katie Mertens (USA Mom and Dad)
  • Eric & Margaret Emmerson (submitted logo)
  • Hadrien Jouet (Grownseed logo)
  • Lanon Baccam & Alissa Brammer
  • Doug Vilsack (c/o Elephant Energy)
  • Evelyn Mackenzie
  • Dave Mcarthur
  • Matt James
  • Eileen Vorwerk
  • Steve & Mary Ann Messer
  • Gary & Dorothy Welcher (G&DW)
  • Kate Ochocka
  • Joe Cody
  • Jim Bisbee
  • Aidan Martin
  • Debbie Roberts
  • Jason Pappas
  • Fiona Black
  • Euan Fergusson
  • Joel Jackson (The Jackhammer)
  • Patrick File
  • Ryan Rensvold
  • Mark & Anita Emmerson
  • Marguerite Mertens
  • Jon Lindeen
  • Morgan Hoenig
  • Vicky Saville
  • Dave & Jane Learned
  • Ken Davidson
  • Mark Wickham
  • Bill & Verna Weichman
  • Ania Kocik & Iain Alexander
  • Shona Bewick
  • Alison Dougall
  • McKinze Cook
  • Adrian Brannan & Tracey Angus
  • Morgan Lambert
  • Sev Furneaux
  • Birgit Gehem & Evert Broere (& wee Jasperine)
  • Kevin Broulette

Ready to join the team?

UPDATE: While we are still accepting sponsorship, we cannot add any more nice name decalls to the car! We can, however, write your name on the car with the big black sharpie we brought along if you are still game.