This site is no longer active. We're leaving it up as a kind of scrapbook of one of our greatest adventures. - The Tartan Eagles.

Sponsorship FAQ

Why should I become a sponsor?

Who wouldn’t want to become an owner of a championship race car? We all would. Unfortunately that costs a ton of money. So we thought we would scale things down. Instead of having a professional race team with a couple of major sponsors, we are going for a situation in which we have a cheap car with lots of nano-sponsors. You may not get to sit in the owner’s box (its a drive across Scandinavia – the owners box would have to be huge!) but all sponsors will get their name on the car.

What do I get as a sponsor?

In addition to getting your name on the side of the team car, you will be listed on this website. We’ve also had some ideas for what more generous sponsors (over £10) will get. Right now we are leaning towards sending out a photo of the Tartan Eagles and car at the top of mainland Europe, but will welcome any other ideas. We are also going to have an informal international tally to see which country is the most supportive (UK vs. USA vs. everybody else).

Where does my money go?

All sponsorship money will go to getting our old car from Glasgow to Tallinn. If we can’t get the car to Estonia, then we can’t get it scrapped for the Sunflower Foundation. In order to get the car across northern Europe we need money to: buy the car and enough fuel to get it to the Baltics.

What is a "Tartan Eagle"?

The Tartan Eagles are a pair of weirdos who love traveling and having adventures. They consist of Scottish Laura (Tartan) and Amerikan John (Eagle).

Ready to join the team?

UPDATE: While we are still accepting sponsorship, we cannot add any more nice name decalls to the car! We can, however, write your name on the car with the big black sharpie we brought along if you are still game.